In Honor

In Honor of


Erick Robert Franks-Blanchard

December 22, 2012

Tiny little fingers
Curled around my own
My precious little baby
Never to be grown
From the time you had a heartbeat
For all eternity
You are loved and cherished
And will always be
You are our pride and joy
Our first born child and Son
Daddy, Mommy and Erick’s heart
Joined together as one
Taken from our sight
But never from our hearts
Safe in your heavenly home
‘Til no longer we’re apart
— Wanda Cambre (Erick’s Nanny)


Sean William Cutler

11.3 oz., 9 inches long
Still born at 25 weeks

We found out that Sean had a chromosomal abnormality during our 20 week ultrasound.  The day that you are excited to learn more about this amazing wonder growing (and kicking) inside you, turned into one of the worst days of my life, second only to the day I delivered him.  Sean had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards Syndrome.  He only had a 5% chance of making it full term – he didn’t make it.

When your child dies, especially still born, the parents have an exorbitant amount of feelings to sift through.  The majority of those is loss.  Not just the loss of a child, but at this stage, it is the loss of a lifetime.  A lifetime of plans you had already made and dreams you had already begun to put into place – if only mentally.

Getting people to understand that is one of the toughest I have had to encounter.  However, in Sean’s short time with me, he has taught me more about motherhood and love that I thought possible.  Not just love for my children, but unconditional love for those who are having to walk this lonely journey as well.  It is through my own journey that I have learned to help others do the same.  If his only job here, was to teach me how to help others, then I am blessed that I am the one who got to learn the lesson from him.

Sean will forever be my ‘first born’ and he will always be my Angel Baby, keeping watch over me.

Mommy loves you and misses you, always and forever.

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